Artciles (a, an, the)

Complete the sentences with articles (a, an, the) or no article (--).
Click "Check" to check your answers. Click "Hint" button to get a free letter for an answer. You can also click on "[?]" for help.
Note: You will lose points when you ask for hints or clues!
Look over there. That's my house. It's white one with red door.

That's my mother oustide. She has garden. She works in garden every morning. She loves flowers, so she often buys and plants new ones.

My brother is down the road. Do you see him? He's riding his bike. He likes to tell everyone how bike was birthday present. He loves it and rides every day.

Let's go to backyard. We can sit and relax there. Maybe we can find something to eat. I think Mom baked apple pie earlier. Come on!
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