Plural Nouns

Use the words in parentheses to form plural nouns. Remember: Most nouns add -s or -es to form plural nouns. (Example: son > sons)
Click "Check" to check your answers. Click "Hint" to get a free letter for an answer. You can also click on "[?]" for help.
Note: You will lose points when you ask for hints or help
1. My brother has many . (friend)
2. teach right from wrong. (Parent)
3. are important. (Family)
4. Nice children share . (toy)
5. I have three . (uncle)
6. These are my . (cousin)
7. Look at those cute ! (baby)
8. Here is a picture of my . (niece)
9. Those are full of family letters and papers. (box)
10. You have a lot of family . (photo)
11. My family makes on New Year's Eve. (wish)
12. The husbands hug their . (wife)
13. Do you have any ? (sister)
14. My aunt and uncle have two . One is a vacation home. (home)
15. Our family are fun. (party)
16. In my family there are lots of hugs and . (kiss)
17. Having family around us makes our special. (life)
18. Let's make good . (memory)
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