At or To?

Fill in the gaps with either at or to.
Remember: AT can express a cause of a feeling or the direction of one's feelings. It can also express the direction of one's actions or efforts.
TO can express direction with intention: there is the expectation that something will be received.
Press "Check" to check your answers once all gaps have been filled. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
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1. My parents have given so much me.
2. I'd like to express my thanks my parents for all they've done.
3. Even when I got mad them as a child, I still loved them.
4. Now I'm older and I can laugh my silly behavior over the years.
5. My dad didn't openly give advice me.
6. My dad told stories me. They helped me understand life.
7. My mom never yelled me, though I gave her reason to.
8. She patiently revealed me the error of my choices.
9. If I were a writer or some kind of artist, I'd dedicate my work my parents.
10. I'm not very good expressing my feelings, but I'll figure out a way to tell them thanks.