Red, White, and Blue Idioms

Fill in all the gaps with the colors red, white, or blue(s).
Press "Check" to check your answers once all gaps have been filled. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
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1. It’s natural to feel a little after you lose something special.
2. Our boss sees any time he thinks we’re wasting resources.
3. The are common when a person is around 40 and questions the value of a life already half lived.
4. When Tina’s ex-boyfriend walked into the party with her best friend on his arm, she turned as a sheet.
5. I was completely -faced when I realized my terrible mistake.
6. For Barry, the job interview was a -knuckled performance which he struggled to deliver.
7. The store owner confronted the employee, who after turning with shame admitted to stealing.
8. After my cousins left, the house seemed empty and I began to feel .