Understanding Fast Speech

Many language learners feel frustrated when they hear the fast speech of native speakers. How is it possible to understand what’s being said? Let me help you meet this challenge. Watch my YouTube video series to become familiar with the patterns most American English speakers use. Take on my 20-day Fast Speech Challenge.



LISTENING TASK 1: My Background in Dance

LISTENING TASK 2: Some of My Favorite Dances

LISTENING TASK 3: The Fun of a Challenge

LISTENING TASK 4: My Martial Arts Experience

Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM #englishwithjenniferlebedev. Many of my language tasks are very short dictations. Gain practice each week!

Want more great listening resources? Check out Mike Marzio’s collection of RealEnglish videos and interactive exercises. You’ll hear a variety of accents used by people on the street. It’s an effective way to listen to English with relaxed pronunciation.