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Hallo is a free app that brings students and teachers together. The main feature is the ability to have live streams with single or multiple hop ons. Think of Instagram, but better. Hallo is only for English language learners. The number of teachers is growing, so the number of daily live streams is also increasing. Live streams can be free or premium. It’s free to follow any teacher, but a monthly subscription gives you access to premium live streams and a subscriber group chat with your chosen teacher. There’s no limit on how many teachers you follow or subscribe to. Students who have spent a certain number of hours attending live streams gain the ability to host their own live streams and invite fellow learners to have live discussions. You’ll find my own live stream schedule on my profile page. @englishwithjennifer

Pronunciation Self-Study App

Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe is a self-study app that helps you improve your spoken English, particularly your pronunciation. They teach you why stress and vowel sounds are so important in spoken communication. The exercises are easy to understand. There’s a speech recognition feature and a virtual AI Teacher, so you’ll get feedback on what you can do to improve. I like their methodology, and I think you’ll appreciate the learning experience, regardless of your language level. The first couple of lessons are free. You also get free access to one exercise type that lets you practice 200 common words in English. I have an affiliate code that you can use if you want to download Blue Canoe and check it out.

Sites for General Language Practice and Reference English as a 2nd Language

Follow Kenneth Beare’s blog, read his well-written explanations, and take his interactive quizzes. There is instruction for all levels on many different topics, from general grammar to Business English.

Activities for ESL Students

Very large collection of exercises at all levels for grammar and vocabulary. There are bilingual quizzes, too.

Useful collection of interactive exercises with text tutorials. Student forums are offered, too.

Free quizzes based on videos such as TV commercials, news reports, and music videos. There are quizzes for different levels of English.

USA Learns

The site is everything it says it is on the home page: A free site for adults to learn English and improve basic reading, writing, speaking, and life skills. The lessons are professionally designed and very well organized. Wonderful for beginners and intermediate students.

Sites for Listening Practice

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

A large collection of listening quizzes for general and academic study at all levels. The quizzes come with transcripts.

Real English

Mike Marzio creates videos which thoughtfully expose learners to real English as it is spoken by different people around the world. His editing allows you to develop your listening skills and improve your understanding of grammar and vocabulary. The interactive quizzes are very well designed.


iSLCollective has free listening materials for students. Check out their interactive video lessons. You can easily choose grammar and vocabulary videos at your level.


The English Listening Library Online is a great site with wonderful audio recordings of different speakers. Listen to interviews and discussions, take a multimedia quiz, and learn vocabulary in a memorable way.


TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design. TED describes itself as “a nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading.” Many high profile people, such as Bill Gates and Michelle Obama, have given a TEDTalk. Topics range from innovations to the environment. Their YouTube channel TEDTalksDirector features these inspiring lectures. Closed captions and translated subtitles are available on their site.

Archive of American Television

Videotaped interviews with different actors, producers, directors, and more. Many provide good speech models. Visit their YT channel as well.

PBS Public Broadcasting Station

The U.S.-based public broadcasting station has a large collection of videos for adults and children online. The videos provide good speech models. Videos range from documentaries to musical performances

Sites for Reading Practice

National Public Radio

U.S. and World News. Many articles have an audio podcast with a transcript. The comments posted are generally well written.

This is an online resource with texts that range from easy to difficult. They match the U.S. grade levels K-12 (kindergarten through 12th grade). Take the initial test and the site will determine your reading level. Log in regularly and read texts that match your level. Each text has questions to test your understanding.

The Online Literature Library makes works in the public domain available online.

Online Dictionaries

A useful online dictionary with audio recordings of key words.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

A great dictionary for language learners. Common phrases and uses are highlighted. Differences between American and British English are noted.

Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Another great dictionary for language learners. Audio recordings are given along with plenty of examples.

Sites for Academic Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Sites for Business English

Business English Exercises

Grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Sites for Spelling Practice



Rhyme Zone

The Riggs Institute


Sites for Young English Language Learners

ABC’s and 123’s

Basic English made fun with the use of music. The videos are for young learners, but could be useful for adults, too.

Super Simple Songs / Super Simple Songs on YouTube

Absolutely wonderful material for young English language learners and children in general. I shared these super songs with my own children when they were younger, and they loved them! Because the nature of the songs is simple and fun, adult beginners could benefit from watching them, too.

Textbooks for English Language Learners

Azar Grammar Series Azar and Hagen

English Pronunciation Made Simple Dale and Poms

Looking for Russian Language Lessons? See below. - Learn Russian with Free Podcasts

Some YT viewers know that I speak Russian and have asked me about online resources. There are teachers on YT posting Russian language lessons. That’s one place to start. However, if you’re looking for a full course, I’d recommend RussianPod101. I’ve sampled some of their materials. They offer well-designed lessons at different levels.

Learn English with Free Podcasts